BBI - 2010 - Bike Repair and Overhaul: Fantastic group of people!

Pictured from the viewer's left to right: John Barnett, Ron Crandell, Lyle Heckathorn,
Sean McConville, Aaron Apel, Steve Riddel, Derek Lenahan, John Ellis, Cat Grüner-Goss,
Dennis Struck (Yellow-T, moi), Rob Schoenlein, Larry Massacesi, David Petersen, Larry Walling,
George Mack, Ray Funk (Prussian/Northern Italian), Scott Dedenbach, Miles Bailey,
Jaret McAuthur, and Trey Martin (not pictured).

Class Picture by Max Moorman (Chief Administrator), right side.

Great Teachers, Lots to Offer, Good Listeners, and Funny!