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About this Website and Checklists

This web site is mainly about sharing travel and outdoor experiences.
Many of our travels were done right, some portions were not. We learned from
mistakes and we learned to make notes and to maintain checklists.
Along the way the checklists became invaluable.
We share the checklists, good experiences,
and lessons learned, with you.

Dennis & Terry

Copyright © 2012, By Dr's Dennis & Terry Struck, All Rights Reserved.
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Dennis: Dr & Professor of Computer Science CTU, BBI AC-LTC, AC-Lifer, Survival, SERE,
US Army Helicopter Pilot (Hueys and Cobras), Woodbadge, OA, Scoutmaster, Eagle Scout (Silver Palm).
Terry: Dr of Medicine, Physiatrist (MD, MS, MA), Physical Therapist (RPT), AC-LTC, AC-Lifer,
Scout Leader, 4-H, Colorado State Fair Cooking and Sewing Grand Champion.

The original Camping Checklist was created in 1968 and was transferred to digital format in 1985, on a Compaq Portable.
We have more than 90 Years of Accumulated Outdoors/Scouting/Traveling Experience.
Lifetime Members of the Adventure Cycling Association (formerly Bike Centennial)
During Bike Centennial we were stationed in Korea and rode Bridgestone Bikes
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Happy Trails to You! Free Personal Printer Printing and Print Distribution Permission for Everyone, especially Scouters.
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This site may NOT be copied for the Web or for any other
Publishing Media without EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

Everyone is welcome to link to this site

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