Chainsaw Checklist Chainsaw Checklist: Maintenance Stand
  Chain Saw Checklist, v07

Adults ONLY!
NOT for Boy Scouts
[ ] Safety:
[ ]   Hat / Helmet (keeps chips out of the hair too)
[ ]   Gloves Finish Cuts
[ ]   Goggles, Eye Protection, Face Protection, Plexi-Glass Face Shield
[ ]   Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs
[ ]   Boots, Safety Boots
[ ]   Saw Horses, Saw Bucks
[ ]   Have Work Buddy Nearby, DO NOT Work Alone!
[ ]   Emergency Two Way Communication Device (radio, cell phone, C-Band)
[ ]   Always know your retreat path and discuss when 
      two people are working one tree
[ ]   Look out and Watch Out for others,
      especially nearing fall time
[ ]   Warning TIMBER! Shout before each fall 
[ ]   First Aid Kit (most common use is skin punctures from
      trim work, hand blisters, scrapes and abrasions.
      Worst case scenarios are: saw cutting someone
      (including kick back), tree falls onto someone, 
      trunk bounce back (vertical in other trees or 
      limbs or horizontal branch compression),
      or tree snaps (splinter pieces) into someone)
    Warning: Do NOT cut trees on Windy Days, unless the  
      Wind Direction and the Desired Tree Fall and the 
      Natural Tree Fall Line are all the same direction!
[ ] Equipment: [ ] Saw(s) with working Chain Brake: [ ] Chain Guard [ ] Fluids filled/level (Gas and Oil) [ ] Working properly, Tuned up [ ] Muffler (noise and spark arrest) [ ] Read instructions for actual care, use, and transport [ ] Saw Carry Box(es) / Bar Cover(s) [ ] Chain Adj Tools (Socket Wrench, Box Wrench, Big Screwdriver) [ ] Extra Cutting Chains (Sharpened), Consider: Bring/Have enough Sharp Chain quantity to allow cutting for all of the day light hours or allotted work time. Note: It is convenient when one works in a chain age order, Newest to Oldest (or such) so that the chain tension adjustment screw/bolt does not have to be re-adjusted by very much for each replacement chain. [ ] Chain Sharpening Equipment/Kit (sometimes field optional) [ ] Files and/or Electric/Dremmel Like Tool [ ] Bit Sharpener(s), Holding Box [ ] File/Tool holding Jig [ ] Additional tools for sharpening Axe or other Saw Blades [ ] Axe(s) [ ] Pry Bar(s, long), Metal Poles, Leverage Poles [ ] Mallet [ ] Wedges, Plastic, Metal and/or Wood [ ] Leg Guards, Cutting Chaps (best have Kevlar like material) [ ] Bow Saw or Long Reach Gardening Saw for trim work especially above the head (avoid, but it happens) Warning: NO power Saw Above head). Note: The bow saw is what one uses to free one's power saw from a tree-binding - Wink!
[ ] Supplies: Now for the Splitter [ ] Box or Boxes to hold supplies [ ] Fuel (Pre Mixed with Oil if Possible) & Container [ ] Spare Plug(s) [ ] Spare Bolt(s) for the Chain Bar [ ] Bar Cover [ ] Spare Filters (for some) [ ] Oil: [ ] Two stroke oil and/or oil-fuel mix [ ] Chain Oil, appropriate weight (usually 30 wt) [ ] Bar Grease and Applicator Device [ ] Rope (50 Yards/Meters, Heavy Duty, like nylon vehicle tow rope) Caution: When working close to Homes, Structures, Vehicles and/or Things of Value, use roping to force tree fall in desired/safe direction. Sometimes a vehicle or many people can be used to pull a tree fall in a desired direction (or away from an undesired direction) and sometimes the rope may be placed part-way around an object or another tree to force a fall direction where a vehicle cannot be in line with the desired tree fall. Caution: When trees are more massive than the vehicle beware that the tree can pull or move the vehicle - it happens. Caution: Make sure that the tree fall will not hit the pulling vehicle or people. Warning: Never wrap a rope around a body part! [ ] Cleaning Equipment [ ] Rags (don't keep dirty used rags over a year, dispose of wet rags) [ ] Degreaser, Soap (hand &/or equipment) [ ] Sap Remover
Plans (Great Family reward to work together, Safely, Not for kids under 15 years): [ ] Cleanup Plan [ ] Wood Removal / Delivery Plan [ ] Assigned work responsibilities (stacking, splitting, trimming) [ ] Optional: [ ] Lunch! [ ] Water Jug, Big Mugs (hydration is important) [ ] Sweatband [ ] Ladder [ ] Woodblocks (for curb work, flat repair, especially with trailers, and sometimes to be used as leverage fulcrums) [ ] Portable Table / Work Bench [ ] Wheelbarrow [ ] Log Splitter with Fuel and Oil [ ] Rakes, Shovel, Snow Shovel (makes a Great Rake Pan!) [ ] Load Stabilization and Cover Gear, Tie Downs, Come-A-Long/Winch [ ] Hand Lotion (He-Man Lotion, of course! Wink) [ ] Flashlight [ ]