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Aviation Pictures Taken by Dennis

UH-1H, Crew Chief opening Little Side Door.     UH-1H Nose Cover, Freshly Painted
Above Left: UH-1H on the flight line in foreground, C-141 in far background, OH-58 on far left. That little side door on the Huey gets opened about once a year.

Above Right: Nose Cover, Designed by Lt Kevin S Bright, and hand Painted by Spence Duncan or Moi.

STORY: The Vulture and expression come from an old cartoon about two Vultures on the same branch of a dead tree that overlooks a dessert valley. One Vulture says "I’m Hungry."   Vulture #2 says "Patience."   Vulture #1 says "Patience my ass, I want to kill something."

UH-1H, Blues on One Minute Standby - my Bird.     Me, standing in the Green House opening, holding the Green House window.

OH is Observation Helicopter
UH is Utility Helicopter
AH is Attack Helicopter

AH-1G, 4/7 Cav, Korea.     AH-1G, 4/7 Cav, Korea.
Above Left: AH-1G, foreground, OH-58 background.

Above Right: AH-1G, easy to see where the Camouflage Colors come from.

DMZ T Marker, Korea
Above: This is a Republic of Korea (ROK) DMZ T Marker. Not many people get to see these. It means that the official No Man’s Land, the DMZ, starts 100 meters north of the top of the T. It is fenced in the more populated areas.

AH-1G (between Colorado, New Mexico, & Texas)     AH-1G, Somewhere in Colorado
Above Left: AH-1G, enroute to Gunnery Practice. It was so cold, that the rotor blades were leaving contrails. This was the same day as the infamous Colorado Springs May 5&6, 1978, snow storm (dumped four to five feet of snow, sideways). We flew out of that Snow Storm into a huge Dust Storm in Texas. Stuff Happens when the wind is from the SSE along the Rocky Mountain front range!

Above Right: AH-1G, landing in some not so good weather. That is a loyal Crew Chief, the Army had some good men, we tried to get the Chief to take cover. The temperature was already sub-zero and our rotor wash could not be helping.

Dennis carrying everything that he owns.
Above: Dennis and first Honda leaving Basic Flight School (Fort Wolters, Texas)
for Flight Instrument School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.
All that Dennis owns is on that bike.
Check out the cool pants!

Helicopter Types Flown By Dennis    Take Me Home